Meet Roshy

Roshy (Roshanak) is an EFT coach who is passionate about helping others to feel good about themselves.

Roshy’s Mission

I help women in life transition who just divorced or separated and who have physically moved but are still stuck emotionally in their past life and cannot move forward so that they can recover emotionally in a harmonious way, find their true authentic self and thrive.

Roshy’s Personal Journey

Roshy lived in fear all her life, she could not speak up and tell anyone how she felt as she was so scared to be punished.

She felt very lonely and isolated, but she could not tell a soul what was happening in her life. She had to keep appearances, she had to create the image of a happy little girl, happy teenager, happy adult, happy wife, happy mom. And she knew exactly how to do that. She became so good at it, it even felt normal to her.

Then again where she comes from most women live that way, pretending to be happy but living in fear.

In her culture that is normal.

9 years ago, something changed inside of her. She started to wonder if real happiness existed. It was just a question on her mind. She could not imagine how it would feel like. She had never tasted it. It was so unknown to her.

When she looked around in the circle of her family and friends, she could not find any example of a happy woman.

One day she heard of a book everyone was talking about: The Secret from Rhonda Byrne. She was curious. So, she started to read it. The author spoke about the law of attraction and how it can help to achieve your dreams and goals. It sounded so easy. You just had to visualize anything you wanted daily and wait for it to happen.

The author listed so many examples of people who had tried it and became healthy, happy, and very successful in every aspect of their lives.

This book gave Roshy hope. As it was a law, it had to be true.

So Roshy started to apply it secretly. She even went one step further and read the book of Jack Canfield, the famous author and coach who has become a millionaire applying the law of attraction.

And then it happened: In Jack’s book ‘The success principles‘ she discovered EFT!

The author mentioned that in order to create a healthy, happy future for yourself you need to deal with the past first. According to him you had to release all the emotional blockages from the past and let go of all the negative beliefs that you had created for yourself in the past or you had been taught by your parents, family members, friends, teachers and your society.

The author mentioned that EFT is the ideal tool you can use that’s designed to help clear all the fear, anger, sadness, and worry you still may feel today because of all your negative beliefs of the past. He proposed to work with a skilled EFT coach to help with that.

As Roshy was reading this, she thought EFT must be something only rich people know where to find and not her, an ordinary mom like her.

But on a very normal day when she was meeting her friends for lunch, one of her friends mentioned that she is seeing this lady who is helping her enormously. Her friend was explaining how much better she is feeling since this lady was in her life.

So, she asked her friend who that lady was. Her friend said: She is an EFT expert

It sounded like a miracle!

Roshy thought: What? EFT really exists? My friend found it already? Oh my god! Unbelievable! So, it is even for us ordinary people?

Her friend introduced her to this lady and

Roshy’s journey to a healthy, happy, and free life started right here!

She took the first session and the next and the next and …

Something unbelievable happened: Roshy started to heal and to believe in herself again.

Today Roshy is living happily and freely with her daughters in a safe and peaceful environment and she is so grateful for every moment of it.

When Roshy looks at her family tree, she realizes the same pattern that goes back to her ancestors and she sees the connection between them.

Most women lived in fear and they passed this on to their daughters who also repeated this pattern as daughters always copy their moms because they are their role models.

Roshy believes that it is important to break this pattern so that our next generation can live a free and happy life.


Roshy’s Professional Journey

Roshy has been in the business world since she finished school, serving in different areas, including Import & Export and financial services. At this moment she is still active in the insurance world helping others to find the right insurance product.

Roshy has been always active as a sale professional due to her desire to be in direct contact with others but also because of her social nature.

Through her personal journey she decided to become an EFT coach with the intention to help women who are stuck in bad relationships, who feel like that they have no choices and who have given up on their dreams and goals so that they can have the possibility of living the life they always wanted.

*Please note

While Roshanak Zaredoost is an EFT Coach, she is not a, psychologist, psychotherapist, physician, or other licensed health care provider and her services are not licensed in the United States or elsewhere. Please refer to the Disclaimer for more information.

While Roshanak Zaredoost can’t guarantee any specific results and the following testimonial does not constitute a warranty or predication regarding the outcome of an individual using her services for any particular issue or problem, her clients report having positive experiences. Here is what one client had to say:

“I am very happy to recommend Roshanak Zaredoost as an EFT practitioner.

Roshanak has a genuine passion for helping other people.  She puts her whole heart into doing the work an EFT coach provides.

Roshanak’s inquisitive questions helped get to the root cause of a relationship issue I was having.  Utilizing her tapping skills I was able to release and negate numerous “limiting beliefs” around the issue.  I was able to see a more positive outcome by the end of the session.

I felt very safe working with Roshanak.  She took her time with the sensitive issue while addressing it from numerous angles.  I appreciated that her tapping rounds were performed at a slower pace than those of other practitioners.  This allowed me to thoroughly focus and get in touch with the emotional release I was experiencing.

I was very impressed with Roshanak’s wealth of EFT skills.  It is a pleasure to recommend her to others.”

— R.B.

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