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Recover emotionally after separation/divorce and find inner peace.

After leaving a toxic relationship

This is for you if you have physically left your relationship and live separately but still living in fear for no apparent reason.  It controls all of your thoughts, decisions, and actions.  You are longing to feel safe, find inner peace and live in harmony with yourself and everyone around you.

After leaving a non-toxic relationship

This is for you if you have physically moved away but emotionally you are still as angry, disappointed, and frustrated as before.  You might have experienced rejection, lack of love, or attention.  You want to find inner peace and feel calm.

Finding your balance despite your children’s emotional state

This is for you if you have children and every time you look at them and you see the effects of your separation/divorce on them, you see pain in their eyes. Their emotional state hurts you and you feel sad/angry/desperate/helpless or guilty.

You so much want to feel good about yourself, keep your inner balance and be calm and patient in order to give them the time and space they need to deal with this new situation.

Finding your financial balance after your separation/divorce

This is for you if managing your finances is new to you, your ex-partner used to take care of them, you have no idea how to deal with them. Even thinking about it, is scary and stressful to you.

This is also for your if you have been dealing with your finances during your marriage, you are terrified as you have suddenly only one income (if any) and have to pay for everything yourself. As a single person or mom, you might have less tax return than you had before. You wonder how your financial future will be and are anxious.

You want to be in harmony with your finances and are looking forward to live in financial abundance what ever that means to you.

Peaceful co-parenting

This is for you if have to share your parenting duties and costs with your ex-partner and it causes so much stress in your life.

The communication with your ex-partner creates conflicts and it feels like a big struggle every time.
You want to be able to compromise easily and communicate harmoniously so you can keep your inner peace at any time.

Find your true authentic self (after emotional recovery)

You want to learn to accept yourself, listen to your inner voice and trust it so that you can discover your beautiful self and start loving it.

Mostly, we cannot accept or love ourselves because of all the believes that we have created in ourselves at a young age. You will be discovering these negatives believes and by using EFT we can replace them with positive ones that can serve you today.

As a result you can become authentic and enjoy being you.

Thrive in your life (after finding your true authentic self)

This is for you if are authentic and practice self-love but want to move on with your life and become successful in your desired area or even in all areas of your life.

You want to fulfil your dreams what ever that means to you. It might be buying a house, travelling the world, becoming a successful entrepreneur or investor and much more.

You want to welcome miracles into your life and are excited for your life in future.

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